Have you recently lost a beloved family member?

I am offering 1 session, free of charge, if you have experienced a SUDDEN loss of a close family member within the last year.*

This session is not meant to ‘cure’ anything…only to provide relief from trauma, shock and emotional overwhelm. And to support you with a tool which you can use as you walk through your journey of grief and loss.

There is hope. My 21 year-old-son, Nathan, was hit by a train and passed before I could get to him. An emotional bomb had exploded inside of me leaving ripples of collateral damage. I had no idea the human body could hold so much pain, trauma and overwhelm.

I can confidently say … You can feel better and come back to living life fully.

I have.

(*This is limited to 2 clients at any given time so you may experience a wait period)




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