Caring For Others Can Take Its Toll

You Must Also Care For Yourself


Are you overwhelmed with the burden that comes with caring with a family member or loved one?  You may even feel guilt to think this but it’s what most caregivers go through.

Many emotions come to the surface when caring for the sick, especially parents. They are heavy and can be hard to process. You may experience:


Feeling burned out

Difficult setting boundaries


Helplessness and anxiety


Stress with other family members

Painful memories


While grieving and sadness are normal, you don’t have to let them take a toll on your physical and emotional health. The stress can be overwhelming. Feelings and memories about family are so deeply rooted that they affect daily life on both a conscious and unconscious level.

EFT  can help you cope with or completely remove the stressors that come with being a caretaker.


Being Strong And Healthy Is Important To

Continue Caring For Your Loved One!