Business/Entrepreneur Coach

You Provide The Road Map

I Navigate Them Over The Hurdles


Entrepreneurial and business coaching is growing rapidly.  More and more people want to take the risk with their own start-up/business idea and the really smart ones know they’ll need some coaching to help them.

A coach is good at strategy and planning.

A Great Coach knows that people must be emotionally ready to achieve success. That takes more than a motivational speech. Many people have core beliefs about money and success that halts them. Some may not even know why or where this stems from.  As a coach, this can be frustrating. You may have the perfect roadmap for them, but something is preventing them from walking down the road.


EFT Can Be The Solution You Are Looking For

It Will Help To:


Unblock fear and anxiety

Recognize patterns that halt growth

  Release negative perceptions of self-worth

  Gain new perspective to stop self-sabotage