Simple & Effective~

“I was curious I had my doubts about the effectiveness of the tapping process and technique. It seemed too simple and I felt a bit “silly” but your calm, loving and sincere encouragement and direction allowed me see results in our very first session. In the time we worked together I was able to identify and loosen the hold of several old stories and false beliefs blocking my path emotionally, spiritually and in my vocation. Simple and effective. You are gifted. Thank you.”       Michael C.


Feeling Better Than I Have In Years!~

“Prior to EFT, I had tried a variety of therapies to deal with personal issues. Individual therapy, marriage counseling, family counseling, Re-Birthing, work with crystals, grief work, acupuncture and different natural healing techniques.I was frustrated and tired of doing all the work required and not achieving the results I wanted. My first session with Kalleen yielded results far above my hopes. I instantly felt at ease and was surprised how simple and enjoyable my experience was, I left feeling better than I have in years! Kalleen was able to identify my concerns, some of which I was completely unaware, and gently guide me through the release of many different emotions. The long lasting results were totally unexpected. 

I would recommend her to anyone looking for a non- pharmaceutical approach to healing. I feel better prepared to deal with everything life has to offer today since this experience”    Danni J.


In Only One Session~

“Kalleen, as an EFT coach, you are so powerful and focused and you didn’t seem to miss a beat. You are very intuitive so even though I didn’t really know how to start you guided me in the right direction.  In only one session you helped me clear a deeply rooted core issue that I’ve been trying to get rid of through therapy and tapping .. . for years and I continue to feel the shift! I highly recommend others work with you if they are struggling or feeling stuck.”  Gwen O.


I’m Creating Again~

“In the first powerful EFT session with Kalleen she gently guided me to the deep, protected areas that held these inauthentic beliefs and blockades I had constructed. During my session I began to feel an immediate change. Although I didn’t understand it, the shift in energy was undeniable… The best part is that I’m experiencing long term benefits. I’m creating again! The moment I feel my energy shift back to old patterns I simply employ what Kalleen taught me and I’m back on track! I highly recommend Kalleen’s EFT to anyone willing to release limiting attitudes and beliefs, or anyone feeling stuck.”  Steve A.






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