“You wear your heart

on your sleeve.”

I heard that over and over when I was growing up. And it was the tone of that message that let me know that this wasn’t perceived as a good character trait but, rather, a defective one. As I got older I began to realize that this trait of mine made others feel uncomfortable which, in turn, would cause me to become more introverted than I already was. The way I observed others relating to each other was not what seemed to come naturally to me. I seemed to be the only one working with what later was described to me as the “conversations happening under the water line”.

“You’re an alien”


Sometimes the information I’m sensing gets so loud I have difficulty hearing what is being said and I find myself  reacting to what I am sensing rather than what I am hearing. In my naiveté I used to judge myself with frustration. My internal conversation ranged from…’Why can’t I just be like everyone else?’ to ‘What the hell is wrong with me’ to ‘What the hell is wrong with everyone else’ to ‘What the hell??’ I felt different and, in my younger days, feeling different was a painful thing.

“You’re so empathic”


Does being highly sensitive mean that life can be difficult due to being overwhelmed and/or overstimulated because you are processing many bits of information (seen and unseen) simultaneously. Yes. But, it also means that you are probably empathic and maybe even intuitive or psychic. These are some of the gifts people are leading with that are changing the world for the better. 

Are you ready to become a member of a group

that celebrates your gifts? 


Let’s talk about how our sensitivities are powerful strengths and share ways that we can be a positive force in the world. For more information and an idea of who your “tribe” might be check out the information on

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Kalleen Henderson, MA
Certified L-3 EFT Practitioner

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